What am I not covered for?

This Policy does not cover, and the Company will not in any event be liable to pay any Benefits or indemnify the Insured Person in respect of, any loss which is, directly or indirectly, caused by, a consequence of, arises in connection with or is contributed to by any of the following:


  • Declared or undeclared war or any act of war, invasion, foreign enemy, civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, military or usurped power.
  • Loss, destruction or damage to any property whatsoever or any loss or expense whatsoever arising there from or any consequential loss directly or indirectly caused or contributed to by or arising from ionizing radiations or contamination by radio-activity from any nuclear fuel or from any nuclear waste from the combustion of nuclear fuel.
  • Any wilful or intentional acts of the Insured Person whether sane or insane, self-inflicted injury, suicide pacts or agreements or any attempts thereat, provoked homicide or assault.
  • The Insured Person acting as a law enforcement officer, emergency medical or fire service personnel, civil defence personnel or military personnel of any country or international authority, whether full-time service or as a volunteer, other than for reservist training under Section 14 of the Enlistment Act, Chapter 93 of Singapore.
  • The Insured Person participating in:-
  • Extreme Sports and Sporting Activities;
  • any professional competitions or sports in which the Insured Person receives remunerations, sponsorships or any forms of financial rewards;
  • racing other than on foot (except for the ultra-marathons, biathlons and triathlons which are excluded);
  • Expeditions;
  • off-piste skiing;
  • Private white water rafting grade 4 and above;
  • Mountaineering;
  • trekking (including mounting trekking trekking) above 3000 meters;
  • Scuba diving unless the Insured Person holds a PADI certification (or similar recognised qualification) or when diving with a qualified instructor. In these situations the maximum depth that this Policy covers is as specified under the Insured Person PADI certification (or similar recognised qualification) but no deeper than thirty (30) meters and the Insured Person must not be diving alone.
  • Any condition, which is or results from or is a complication of infection with Human Deficiency Syndrome (‘HIV’), any variance including Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (‘AIDS’), and AIDS Related Complications (‘ARC’), or any opportunistic infections and/or malignant neoplasm (tumour) found in the presence of HIV, AIDS or ARC.
  • Any condition which is, results from or a complication of pregnancy, childbirth, miscarriage (except Accidental miscarriage) or abortion, intoxication by alcohol or drugs not prescribed by a Physician.
  • Illegal acts (or omissions) of the Insured Person or the Insured Person’s executors, administrators, legal heirs or personal representatives, loss resulting directly or directly from action taken by the Government Authorities including confiscation, seizure, destruction and restriction.
  • The Insured Person engaging in aviation, other than as a fare-paying passenger in, boarding and alighting from any fixed-wing aircraft and/or helicopter provided and operated by a regularly scheduled airline or private unscheduled air chartered company which is duly licensed for the regular transportation of fare-paying passengers.
  • Any loss or expenses which is, directly or indirectly, caused by, a consequence of, arises in connection with or is contributed to by the Insured Person undertaking any Journey against the advice of a Physician or for the purpose of seeking medical attention.
  • Any Pre-existing Conditions.
  • Any prohibition or breach of government regulation or any failure by the Insured Person to take reasonable precautions to avoid a claim under this Policy following the warning of any intended strike, riot or civil commotion through or by general mass media.
  • Any loss or expenses which if reimbursed or paid by the Company would result in the Company being in breach of trade or economic sanctions or other such similar laws or regulations.
  • The Insured Person not taking all reasonable efforts to safeguard his property or to avoid any injury or minimize any claim under the policy.
  • Any condition which is, results from or a complication of suicide or attempted suicide or intentional self-injury.
  • Mental and nervous disorders, including but not limited to insanity.
  • The Insured Person engaging in naval, military or air force service or operation or testing of any kind of conveyance or being employed as a manual worker or whilst engaging in offshore activities like diving, oil-rigging, mining or aerial photography or handling of explosive or loss of or damage to hired or leased equipment.
  • Any condition which results from or is a complication of venereal disease.
  • Any loss or expenses which arises in connection with or is contributed by the Insured Person undertaking any Journey against the travel advice of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Singapore or the Ministry of Health of Singapore, in relation to actual or threatened riot, strike or civil commotion, war or warlike situation, outbreak of disease or unsafe health conditions, or impending natural disasters, to the countries or territories of Your destination, unless the Journey had already commenced prior to the issuance of the travel advice.

*Please refer to the Policy Wording for the full terms, conditions and exclusions.

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