Just don’t do it…

1. 10 Things to Stop Buying on your Next Holiday

How many times have you returned from your holiday only to realise you have bought something impulsively? A quick poll showed here are 10 things that holiday-makers should really stop buying on their next holiday.

2. Souvenir T-shirts

How many times did your souvenir T-shirt end up as pyjamas because you bought one too many? There will always be someone in the family who does not want them, trust me.

3. Fridge magnets

You may love them and collect them as must-haves on your every holiday. And, you make a conscious effort to look for them. However, not everyone will put them up when they receive them as souvenirs upon your return. What a waste then!

4. Key chains

Like fridge magnets, they tend to suffer a similar fate.

5. Handicrafts

Unless you are supporting a local social enterprise (link to Travel with a Heart), picking the right ones to suit your home can be tricky.

6. Winter clothes

It happens all the time. That sweater looks really lovely but how often do you really have a chance to wear it in hot, humid Singapore? And how often do you spend your holidays in cold countries?

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7. Leather Boots

Oh yes, they really lengthen your legs but like winter clothes, they will be under-utilised and will soon become mouldy too!

8. Sarongs

They are bright, colourful and simply sexy. And before you know it, you have left the shop with several of them, only to take up precious space in your cupboard at home. Not to worry, read here to discover the 10 uses of a sarong!

9. Local produce

Floral tea, Turkish delights, green bean cakes…the list goes on. You probably take a few bites and then you forget all about them. Unless you really crave them, do limit the quantity you buy as they do come with expiry dates!

10. Traditional costumes

Yes, they are so unique that you probably can only wear it once to achieve the wow impact. And after that, it remains in your cupboard.

11. Instant photos at theme parks

Captured during your hell-raising rides, you certainly don’t look good in them half the time. Unless you wish to keep the terrified look for posterity?


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